A wearable that helps you improve breathing, calm down, and be more focused on-the-go

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How Rubicue works

Step 1. Wear it as a necklace or bracelet
Step 2. Press it anytime for discreet
vibrations that will guide you through slow, deep breathing

(only you can feel it!)
Step 3. Unlock a more immersive experience with
soundscapes and exercises from
the companion app.

Adjust breathing patterns to
what works best for you.

Finding space for ourselves

We want to be more in tune with our feelings, but we're always on-the-go. So we silence the inner voices in our heads and the signals from our bodies. Though it's easier to just keep on going, this is unsustainable.

Awareness is the first step to self-mastery. By taking a few seconds to breath, pause, and simply accept what our bodies tell us at a fleeting moment, we're one-step closer to seeing ourselves more fully.

As we’re able to gain more control of our breath, we gain more control of our state of mind.

Rubicue is designed to keep your mind and body in sync.

Deep breathing can help you...
  • Slow down your heart rate
  • Decrease stress hormone
  • Lessen anxiety
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Look good, and feel good.

Small, lightweight,
versatile accessory
A reminder to be
aware of the moment
No Wifi/ phone reception needed
for guided vibrations.
Simply press on the device.
Low maintenance.
Average 2 weeks battery life,
depending on use